million people would bring home to him the consequences of a potential war. Mr. Moon supports Mr. Trump’s call for “maximum” sanctions and pressure, but says that those alone will never persuade North Korea to give up nuclear weapons. Mr. Moon has urged Washington to engage the North with dialogue and discuss a way out for Pyongyang. But so far, Mr. Trump has ignored such requests, even ridiculing Mr. Moon’s efforts as “appeasement.” American officials in the region, too, were hoping the president’s trip would help Mr. Trump gain a new perspective on how Seoul and Tokyo view the threat from up close; the regional trends affecting Asia beyond North Korea, including Chinese assertiveness; and the costs and consequences of military action, according to one U.S. official. From a dining hall at Camp Humphreys, where Mr. Trump had lunch with troops, to the Blue House, where he met with Mr. Moon, everything he saw on Tuesday could become a fiery battlefield in the event of a military exchange with North Korea.,ugg boots outlet, @ugg boots uk price 703 @uggs qatar 957 @ugg boot tear repair 121 @uggs neevah 174 @ugg boots 79.99 918